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Compact Disc Digi
Pestilence is considered one of the most important icons of the technical metal scene. Known for mixing various influences, from thrash to jazz and fusion with classic death metal, the band became a legend a long time before their final split-up in 1993. The band’s origins reach all the way back to the end of the 80’s, when thrash metal took its toll as the most influential genre of heavy music at that time. Malleus Malficarum first officially released in 1988 on Roadrunner Records. Malleus Malficarum combined the pure aggression of thrash metal in the likes of Destruction with the technique of death metal, forming together a truly splendorous offering. Songs such as “Malleus Maleficarum/Antropomorphia”, “Parricide” and “Chemo-Therapy” bring out the best features of both thrash and death metal, instantly overpowering the listener with sheer brutality. “Malleus Malficarum” is definitely an album worth picking up by any metal enthusiast. It delivers a solid thrash/death metal assault and marks the beginning of Pestilence’s artistic journey through a brutal world of damnation. If you’re a true fan of technical death metal, be sure to include yourself in that voyage!
1. Malleus Maleficarum/Antropomrphia
2. Parracide
3. Subordinate To The Domination
4. Extreme Unction
5. Commandments
6. Chemo Therapy
7. Bacterial Surgery
8. Cycle Of Existence
9. Osculum Infame
10. Systematic Instruction
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MALLEUS MALEFICARUM - £11.50 - Compact Disc Digi
MIND REFLECTIONS - £12.50 - Compact Disc
OBSIDEO - £11.50 - Compact Disc
SPHERES (DIGI) - £13.50 - Compact Disc Digi
OBSIDEO - £14.00 - T-Shirt, Front & Back Print
OBSIDEO - £18.50 - Vinyl LP
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