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Item no. : RITE031LP
Artist : 11PARANOIAS
Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 08 April 2016



Stealing Fire From Heaven, is the third release from 11PARANOIAS, following on from their 2013 offering Superunnatural, and Spectralbeastiaries which was released in March 2014.
The phenomenal artwork for Stealing Fire From Heaven is a piece by celebrated pioneer of the Surrealist art movement, Max Ernst, entitled 'The Temptation of St Anthony'.
11PARANOIAS encapsulate otherworldliness and psychedelia, drawing in inspiration, and spewing out the results in a devilish cocktail of riffs, fuzz and fury. Formed on 11/11/11 with a jam that set them off on this eventful musical path, the band has relied on improvisation and instinct throughout; at no point more so than when it came to record Stealing Fire From Heaven. With no songs written or rehearsed, the band decamped to the studio on the summer solstice to lay down the seven tracks that make up the album. The results are a heady mix of low swirling grooves, super heavy psych and seriously uneasy listening.
1. The Great Somanmbulist
2. Paranoiditude (Beyond the Grave)
3. Surrealise
4. At The Cursus
5. By The Light of A Dying Star (Neutron Start)
6. Lost to Smoke
7. Retribution of Dreams
8. Zeronerous (Bonus Track)
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