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Item no. : DRUG10CD
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Release Date : 06 April 2009



The most remarkable record this Spring is released by members with background as different as The Raveonettes, Complete and Düreforsög.
Shane Embury of grindcore legends Napalm Death: "What I love about this album is its manic musical arrangement in the song structures - the songs may be short but more dynamically intense than many bands in this genre of music. It makes me laugh and when I laugh it means this kicks fuckin' ass!"
A KID HEREAFTER – the band-in-the-band… IN THE GRINDING LIGHT are characterised by their playfulness and extremely competent, almost manic attitude. Drug(s) can proudly state that Denmark has not previously seen a band with so much musical energy – even where grind is concerned. To find AKHITGL's equal, you have to look in the direction of Mike Patton (e.g. Faith No More) and the artists at his record company, Ipecac, and even in this light AKHITGL still have their own sound and style. The 30 songs/outbursts on the album were recorded live at A KID HEREAFTER's own studio in only four days with the aim of hitting a spontaneous punk nerve far from modern click tracks and copy-paste methods. All of the band's members contribute compositionally and vocally, providing room for experimental, filmic elements from pure, hardcore riffs to uncontrolled sonic noise. The lyrical universe is a continuation of A KID HEREAFTER's highly praised pop debut from 2007, "Rich Freedom Flavour" – a rum and optimistic style created in collaboration with American co-writer Maurice Hawkesworthe, who here in an even more fragmented fashion, hints at political, social, and religious comments, without ever admonishing. Both the music and lyrics are composed with a positive, waggish nerve in a clear reaction to the typically gloomy, stringent metal conventions, as reflected in the naive, radiant motif of the cover drawing, which is miles away from the usual metal aesthetic. And was incidentally designed by American Mike Bennewitz, known for his work with Secret Chiefs and Estradasphere.
1. Shortie 2. Mutha Model 3. Q&A 4. Hitbot 5. Baby You're A Cloud 6. Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up 7. Chosen One 8. Footguts 9.Slaves To Truth 10. Kid Selling Shit 11. Panselmo 12. Just Smile 13. The Light Itself Is Alive 14. The Samurai 15. Satan Satan 16.Mad Arms 17. Good God Bad Friend 18. Intermission No 19. Sunblox 20. Birdman 21. All Of Me 22. Wave Of Money Fish 23. Sun Loop 24. Be Kind To Greater Men 25. Yes I 26. Thrill Pill 27.Fuck The Snow Hello 28. HappySlappy7 29. Epiceternal 30. The King
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