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Release Date : 15 August 2011



The heaviest of the heavy, Massachusetts’ THE ACACIA STRAIN present their debut live album this August, via PROSTHETIC RECORDS. “The Most Known Unknown,” is a double disc set, limited to 3000 copies worldwide, and coming out just in time for the band’s 2011 Summer schedule on legendary Van’s Warped Tour. The music on the album comes from two shows, one in Worcester, MA and one in Holyoke, MA, which were both documented on 2009’s “The Most Known Unknown,” DVD. In true Acacia Strain style, the unique digipack features a pop-out “thumbs up,” and 31 tracks from the band’s crushing live show. Only 700 copies of this release are available across the whole of Europe.

The band recently toured Europe wide with Whitechapel and have previously toured their live intensity on these shores with the likes of Haterbreed and Anotations Of An Autopsy. Collectively selling over 100,000 cds in the US along throughout their career and entering the Billboard charts with the latest studio album, “Wormwood”, The Acacia Strain are indeed ‘The Most Known Unknown” as this live document is testament to; the first disc being recorded at a full to capacity sold-out show at the huge Worcester Palladium (home to the New England Metal Fest) close to their home town of Springfield, MA.

Disc 1:

1. Whoa! Shut It Down 2. See You Next Tuesday 3. 3750 4. 4x4 5. Skynet 6. Brown Noise 7. As If Set Afire 8. Dr. Doom 9. Baby Buster 10. Cthulhu 11. Burnface 12. Combine 13. Angry Mob Justice 14. Demolishor 15. Balboa Towers 16. Passing The Pencil Test 17. Forget-Me-Now 18. Sun Poison and Skin Cancer 19. JFC 20. Carbomb


Disc 2:

1. Whoa! Shut It Down! 2. See You Next Tuesday 3. 3750 4. 4x4 5. Brown Noise 6. Angry Mob Justice 7. As If Set Afire 8. Dr. Doom 9. Burnface 10. Sun Poison and Skin Cancer 11. Carbomb

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