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Chest (CM)

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Item no. : ULR00672CD
Artist : AHTME
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 01 June 2018



Start with surgically precise, groove focused guitar riffs, lay them on top of a percussion section as sturdy as a field of steel girders, and as intricate as a handmade Swiss watch, then throw in a helping of raw, punchy, and roaring vocals, and you have yourself Ahtme’s new addition of audio carnage "Sewerborn". Formed in 2005 in Kansas City Missouri, Ahtme brings a unique signature sound to death metal. Groovy riffs grab the listener at the door and drag them by their ankles down a hallway, into a dark cellar where they can be sonically mangled.
1. Lord of Shit
2. Subservient
3. Dig
4. Sea of Sand
5. Summoning Shiba (feat. Malcolm Pugh)
6. The Stench of Farooq
7. 9_2_5
8. To Exist
9. Contort and Control
10. Posession Obsession
11. Subhuman Remains
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