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Release Date : 17 June 2013



The long search for our new singer has led to an incredibly busy year so far for Amberian Dawn – it was certainly not the easiest task to undertake, but after months of scouring the ends of the earth we are very happy and proud to finally announce our latest addition to the AD camp. Ladies and gentlemen – please give a warm welcome to Capri.


Hailing from AD’s homeland of Finland, Capri is a classically trained professional vocalist with a plethora of successful studio and live projects already under her belt (including musicals, lead / backing vocal recordings and live shows). Although classically trained you will soon see she is 100% hard rock – her unique style and strong emotion adds a welcome new dimension to the AD sound which we cant wait for you all to experience.


And what better way for you to hear our latest addition than through new interpretations of some of our classic songs. New album Re-EVOLUTION kicks off the latest chapter in the Amberian Dawn saga by re-imagining the following Amberian Dawn favourites – so you can experience our exciting, new dynamic straightaway for yourselves.


Here’s what Tuomas Seppala (keyboardist, guitarist and songwriter in AD) has to say on Capri and our latest record:
"We all thought that the best way to introduce our new singer to our fans is by re-recording a compilation album of our best songs. It was very important for us to give you all a broad overview about Capri’s great talent in all its facets and present her vocal sound and way of singing to you before we start recording a whole new studio album.
We very much hope that you like the fresh sound created through Capri’s voice."

1. Valkyries
2. Incubus
3. Kokko- Eagle of Fire
4. Lily of the Moon
5. Come Now Follow
6. Crimson Flower
7. Circus Black
8. Lost Soul
9. Cold Kiss
10. River of Tuoni
11. Charnel's Ball
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