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Item no. : CSK382
Artist : ANGER
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : CASKET
Release Date : 04 February 2022



Based in Croatia, the band ANGER finally see the release of their long awaited debut album!

Following lengthy production related delays, the album, was already the works after a decade together, and the music very much mirrors the sound the band was making at the time, and therefore gives a good spread of themselves over the period. The band are well served on the live arena across shows in both Croatia and Slovenia where among others they have shared the stage with Bio-Hazard.

13 tracks of heavy and angry, but incredibly positive tunes, the band are extremely proud to present this album to the world via Casket and PHD!

In a statement, they declare - “We always say for our music that it's "positively aggressive", because the power we try to pass onto others is based on good not bad feelings. We cope with solitude, depression, insanity, insecurity, injustice, fake and selfish people, by trying to encourage people to fight them, to find the strength within themselves."

For fans of: Bio-Hazard / Madball / Cro-Mags / Sick of it All / Stampin’ Ground

1. Who’s Next
2. Let Me Go
3. Why?
4. Be Strong, Get Stronger
5. Fake Friend
6. Fairytale
7. Evil Eyes
8. Metapren
9. Eat Meat
10. On Sale Class
11. No Surrender
12. Revange and Then Die
13. You Are Not Alone
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