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Release Date : 10 November 2023



"Ethik" can be described as the most multi-faceted, modern and freshest ARTEFUCKT album to date. 
Honest, genuine and authentic, like every album so far by the band founded by André Doney in Rheinberg in 2015.
The pre-production for "Ethik" began at the beginning of this year. However, things were interrupted by the sudden death of drummer Uli, as it was
emotionally impossible to think about continuing work for the time being. After the funeral, André wrote the song "Abendmahl" (Last Supper) in memory, which helped to overcome the emotional bridge and to resume work on the new album. "Ethik" was finally recorded in June 2023 at "Illuminated Music Studio" of producer "Jörg Wartmann" and the "Soundart Recording Studio" of "Alexander Lysjakow". Among other things, the drums were recorded in the latter. This part was taken over by Martin Winde after Uli's death. Like all previous ARTEFUCKT albums, "Ethik" also reflects a period of life, processes experiences, reflects, looks forward, dreams, laughs, cries, loves, hates, shares, inserts, delights, mourns, simply full of emotions and life.
1. Intro
2. Der erste Schritt
3. Lauf
4. Lasst uns
5. Kalifornien
6. Alles was war
7. Gegen den Rest
8. Lasst uns - Part II
9. Abendmahl
10. Zurück ins Glück
11. Kosmos
12. An deiner Seite
13. Leck mich!
14. Wir waren jung
15. Himmelszeit
16. Stop war
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