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Item no. : RISE10107
Artist : ATAVIST
Product type : Vinyl 10"
Release Date : 04 February 2008


Delivering relentlessly epic suicidal black doom, in their short time-span, the new bastard sons of Manchester, ATAVIST, have already made quite an impact upon an unsuspecting audience... Alchemic Resurrection is released as a 666 pressed vinyl only 10” release by Rise Above Records. It contains two exclusive tracks of downtuned filth that serve to demonstrate why you should never take Atavist for granted. Mixing slow and torturous dirges with fast unrelenting savagery, Alchemic Resurrection is Doom designed to kill.

Already being endorsed by the likes of such acts as SUNN 0))) and Khanate (with whom Atavist have pillaged in the UK with on more than several occasions), along with the likes of Julian Cope (who Atavist are planning a collaboration with), and main Portishead songwriter Geoff Barrow, the impact that this depraved quartet have already made within the UK extreme music scene has been quite immense and impressionable.

A. 5.32
B. 8.59

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