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Item no. : ARLP146
Artist : AZARATH
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 07 April 2017



In their native country's scene, Azarath need no introduction. Formed almost two decades ago, the band caught momentum right away, and made a name for themselves as a medium for ungodly sonic terror. This should not come as a surprise, considering Azarath's impressive line-up and cemented position on the death/black metal plateau. Meaning "at the point of death" or "under extreme circumstances" in Latin, the new album "In Extremis" is yet another apex reached by the band. The effort arrives six long years after its predecessor, "Blasphemers' Maledictions" (2011), and places Azarath back at the fore of the genre, with strong ties to the group's early cult albums. Black as a night and dense as tar, "In Extremis" offers a whirlwind of chaotic currents ready to overwhelm.
1. The Triumph of Ascending Majesty
2. Let My Blood Become His Flesh
3. Annihilation (Smite All the Illusions)
4. The Slain God
5. At the Gates of Understanding
6. Parasu Blade
7. Sign of Apophis
8. Into the Nameless Night
9. Venomous Tears (Mourn of the Unholy Mother)
10. Death
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