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Item no. : RITE067LP
Artist : BASALT
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 12 June 2020



Ritual Productions is pleased to announce the impending release of the new Basalt rite, Silêncio Como Respiração, which will see light of day this Spring. The band's first full-length rite for the label exemplifies Basalt's seething mistrust and subsequent undying defiant spirit in the face of revulsive political rhetoric and tumultuous times. One of the first tracks written for the album was 'Circumspice'. Carrying an imposing sense of urgency and intense ferocity, the track speaks of the creation of national heroes and its use to maintain controlling traditions, with vocalist Marcelo Fonseca commenting: "To build myths, kings, martyrs establishes a bond but mostly cements authority. This social control happens in a deep psychic manner". Ritual Productions welcomed Basalt into their roster back in 2018, with 2019 seeing a re-mastering - by labelmate Adam Richardson (11PARANOIAS/Ramesses) - of their their debut album, O Coração Negro da Terra (translates to 'Black Heart of the Earth') on digital platforms only. Formed in 2015, in the riff metropolis of São Paulo, Brazil, Basalt unify elements of doom, black metal and dark experimental tones, subverting musical archetypes and create new extreme audio terrains. Harkening to the dense low-end, cavernous and intense depths of the heavy sonic, the band fuse this fury with extraordinary ambient and atmospheric scope, incorporating a unique channelling of influences and sounds. Melding rawness and discordance with progressive and expansive breadth, Basalt truly wield aural transgression and transformation.
1. Dasein
3. Melancolia
4. Anamorfose
Side B:
5. Silêncio Como Respiração
6. Simulacro - Binária
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