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Release Date : 19 March 2007



Canadian technical death metal / grind unit BENEATH THE MASSACRE unleash their debut album for Prosthetic Records. After shredding the underground scene, “Mechanics Of Dysfunction” looks set to devastate the international metal world, with it’s mind-altering assault of technical extremity. Vague reference points being the cutting edge of Nasum, Gojira and Decapitated, with the technical, progressive flare of pioneers Atheist or Cynic. Incredible! Coming from a rich, albeit relatively modern heritage of brutal Canadian death metal, BENEATH THE MASSACRE is perhaps the band most apt to take the title for the heaviest and most technical band from its northern forefathers. Mixing voracious, grinding double bass alongside unparalleled, punishing guitar work and unhallowed death metal growls with a lethal dose of destructive breakdowns and unparalleled technicality, this debut full length from BENEATH THE MASSACRE transcends the extremes of the death metal / grind genre with a cutting edge, contemporary urgency. After building a huge buzz in the North American underground scene with the their debut 5-track EP in 2005, the band signed with Prosthetic Records in 2006, the result being Mechanics of Dysfunction, unleashed in early 2007. A year of intensive touring lies ahead for the band to support the album and this will also surely be the year that BENEATH THE MASSACRE secure their position as absolute scene leaders.
1. The Surface
2. Society’s Disposable Son
3. The System’s Failure
4. The Stench Of Misery
5. Untitled
6. Modern Age Slavery
7. The Invisible Hand
8. Better Off Dead
9. Long Forgotten
10. Sleepless
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