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Release Date : 01 December 2014



Re-release of two albums by the British death metal legend! The band’s debut album  “Subconscious Terror”  was originally released on in 1990.
“The Grand Leveller “, their second album from 1991 is the first to feature Dave Ingram on vocals.
New double edition re-released on Golden Disc, limited and numerated to 2000 copies.

Benediction was founded in 1989 by Barney Greenway (vocals), Darren Brookes (guitar), Peter Rew (guitar), Paul Adams (bass) and Ian Treacy (drums).
That same year they recorded their demo – now considered a death metal classic – “The Dreams You Dread”.
This soon resulted in their signing to Nuclear Blast Records, and the subsequent release of their studio debut “Subconscious Terror” in 1990.
Also in 1990, having decided to focus on his activity in his second band, Napalm Death, Barney Greenway left the band.
His place was soon taken by Dave Ingram (later, the singer of Bolt Thrower in the years 1998-2004).
After a series of shows with Autopsy, Paradise Lost, and Bolt Thrower, the band set to work on their second studio album, “The Grand Leveller”, which was released in 1991.

After another batch of tours, the band parted ways with Paul Adams, whose place was taken in 1992 by their present bassist Frank Healy (Cerebral Fix, Napalm Death).
Their next full-length release, “Transcend the Rubicon” was released in 1993 and was followed by a world tour with Cemetery and Atheist.
After the tour and the release of “The Grotesque / Ashen Epitaph” EP, Ian Treacy left the band as well and was replaced by Neil Hutton.
In 1995, following a series of shows in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Czech Republic, Benediction’s fourth full-length studio release “The Dreams You Dread” saw the light of day.

After the release of 1998’s “Grind Bastard” album, a number of live performances as the headliner of Nuclear Blast Festival, and an appearance at Wacken Open Air festival, Dave Ingram left Benediction for personal reasons.
Soon, the band recruited a new singer, Anaal Nathrakh’s Dave Hunt, with whom they recorded “Organised Chaos” in 2001 as also their latest album to date, “Killing Music”, in 2008.


CD 1 - "Subconscious Terror":

1. Intro - Portal To Your Phobias
2. Subconscious Terror
3. Artefacted Irreligion
4. Grizzled Finale
5. Eternal Eclipse
6. Experimental Stage
7. Suspended Animation
8. Divine Ultimatum
9. Spit Forth The Dead
10. Confess All Goodness
11. Foetus Noose
12. Forged In Fire
13. Dark Is The Season
14. Jumping At Shadows
15. Experimental Stage

CD 2 - "The Grand Leveller":

1. Vision In The Shroud
2. Graveworm
3. Jumping At Shadows
4. Opulence Of The Absolute
5. Child of Sin
6. Undirected Aggression
7. Born In A Fever
8. The Grand Leveller
9. Senile Dementia
10. Return To The Eve
11. The Grotesque
12. Ashen Epitaph

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