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Due 28 June 2024
Item no. : AR137LP
Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 28 June 2024



The Machinations Of Dementia' is the first and only full-length album by American supergroup Blotted Science. A tremendous instrumental display of talent and wild creativity, this album, originally released in 2007, united the songwriting talents of Watchtower guitarist Ray Jarzombek and Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster, both very well anchored by former Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler. As could be expected from this dream-like lineup, these sixteen tracks, set to the conceptual theme of mental disorders, constitute an unpredictable gem of a record, full of impossible rhythms and structures, and dazzling feats of technicality.
Side A:
1. Synaptic Plasticity 5:55
2. Laser Lobotomy 5:20
3. Brain Fingerprinting 3:3
4. Oscillation Cycles 1:37
Side B:
1. Activation Synthesis Theory 8:0
2. R.E.M. 1:11
3. Night Terror 4:50
Side C:
1. Bleeding In The Brain 4:5
2. Vegetation 1:28
3. Narcolepsy 2:52
4. E. E. G. Tracings 4:04
Side D:
1. Sleep Deprivation 0:36
2. The Insomniac 3:56
3. Amnesia 2:24
4. Adenosine Breakdown 3:10
5. Adenosine Buildup 3:10
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