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Item no. : CR108
Artist : CHELSEA
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 15 March 2024



UK Punk legends Chelsea re-visit their classic “Evacuate” Album with extras!!!

In 1981 Chelsea put out a couple of singles at the beginning of the year, Rocking Horse and Freemans, both entering the top 30 in the independent charts which rekindled interest in the band. With 1982 fast approaching, it was time for a new single and album. Little did they know that they were embarking on something that would turn out to be regarded as one of punks’ classic recordings. Having been writing new material for a while and there was no shortage of dissension to inspire, they couldn’t wait to get stuck into the album which was recorded at Matrix Studios in London.

Evacuate was one of the first tracks recorded, the band was chuffed with the result but more importantly, the record company could smell a hit and in no time at all, Evacuate was released as a single. Radio 1 (Mike Read’s record of the week on the Breakfast Show) and many other radio stations were playing it regularly. Sure enough, it became a massive indie hit reaching number 23 in the independent charts. The band was on a roll and soon completed the other tracks for the album.

War Across the Nation was the next single released in conjunction with the Evacuate album release. The single was a limited edition of 5000, which sold out in a week reaching number 10 and the album soared up the indie charts to number 3. Both fans and critics loved it, the band was riding high and embarked on a big tour of the UK and America, The Evacuate tour. The Stand Out single was released at the end of '82 although the B-side, Last Drink, was played more on the radio and reached no 9 in the charts.

For the 40th anniversary of the release of Evacuate, the band decided to commemorate it by playing the tracks in the studio. They had planned on recording a live album but with the COVID restrictions at gigs, couldn’t. As they'd rehearsed the live set for the tour, it was decided to record it at Panther Studios where they had recorded the last 3 studio albums. Tribal Song didn’t have the energy live so it wasn’t included in the live set and instead used it as the intro song.
1. Evacuate
2. How Do You Know?
3. Cover Up
4. Looks Right
5. Urban Kids

1. War Across The Nation
2. Forty People
3. Running Free
4. Last Drink
5. Only Thinking
6. No One's Coming Outside
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