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Item no. : PLATE070LP
Artist : CHELSEA
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 12 May 2022



'Meanwhile Gardens' is the new album by Chelsea punk band, released on the bands 45th anniversary. 
Nic Austin on guitar collaborating with bass player Mat Sargent, deliver the Chelsea trademark sound. Vocalist Gene October contributes his own tracks performing with his distinct vocal sound and Steve Grainger completes the line-up on drums.  This is Chelsea's 12th studio album and includes ex-Chelsea members from throughout the years as guest musicians.  Martin Stacey & Bob Jesse from the 1977 line up, James Stevenson from the debut album, Rob Miller from the Traitors Gate album and Mike Spenser from The Cannibals guests on harmonica. 
The album cover was designed and drawn by the band in the back of the tour bus.  Many of the tracks for the album were written on the road during the 2019 European tour and the album was recorded in-between lockdowns in 2020.
1. Meanwhile Gardens
2. Ca$h
3. Here And Now
4. The Great Divide
5. It's Friday
6. Shine The Light
7. Why Aren't We There
8. Cold Cut
9. World Wide Domination
10. Ladbroke Grove
11. Falling Apart
12. Destination To Nowhere
13. Little Venice
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