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Item no. : HUMM074LP
Product type : Vinyl LP
Label : HUMMUS
Release Date : 10 April 2020



Under the nickname « Cochon Double » hides Brynjar Thorsson, swiss icelandic singer-songwriter and touching weirdo. He was the former singer of « Welington Irish Black Warrior », one of switzerland’s strangest noise trio, and collaborated with many swiss artists including his duo « Schade » together with the infamous Dany Digler. Thorsson started writing his own songs in 2011, turning his first rough english yells into a very intriguing yet catchy french slang. He manages to address complex themes with simple words, laid on repetitive and minimalistic guitar riffs. His cathartic stage behaviour helped him build a solid live reputation and Cochon Double has become of the years an emblematic figure of the superactive noise scene of La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH

Bruxisme was recorded right when noisy local hero Cochon Double was thinking of giving up for good. After playing these songs on stage for years, he had sort of lost them on the way. Luckily Steven Doutaz and Lionel Jodry, his former band colleagues in Welington Irish Black Warrior, teamed up with swiss producer Louis Jucker and convinced him to give his tunes a chance in the studio. In 5 days they re-arranged 8 of his strange hip-hop slash noise-rock slash chanson française classics, adding the rhythm section and structure that turned them into genuine and unexpectedly « even my dad could get it » type of songs. Sang in french like a suicidal child that just discovered razor blades, Bruxisme is a one-of-kind sounding record that is deeply linked to the twisted yet generous mind of his attaching creator.

1. La vie continue  
2. Rat mort  
3. Restaurant  
4. Laisse aller  
5. Canada 
6. La porte  
7. Vie de merde 
8. Mouette
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