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Item no. : BM12C1245
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 22 April 2013



"Only songs that fire up the crowd live are songs for the album." And this is exactly what makes "Himalaya" so exciting. The production is dense and packed with pure energy. The twelve tracks are made of massive riffs combined with melodic vocals. DWAE spray a distinctly unique fresh breeze, with songs inspired by various kinds of styles. Even from Pop-Music. The outcome is an overall picture, rich in contrast, that does not only serve a particular taste but also appeals to people who are receptive to something new.
01. Misunderstood
02. Stereo/Stereo
03. Saturday Leash
04. Mescaline
05. Himalaya
06. Pure
07. Cars (The Low Breeze Of Hope)
08. Rewind The Pain
09. Ballerina
10. Take My Time
11. Seventeen
12. The Elegance
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