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Release Date : 13 May 2022



Dead Register, hailing from Atlanta, have expertly weaved elements of Post Punk, Goth, Doom, and Shoegaze into a Post Rock wet dream of melancholy and soaring melodies since their demo TRVNS BLVK in 2014. The band have been genre bending for the last 8 years and improving with each and every release from their debut album Fiber to their latest single, Don't Fail Me Now, released last year and recently remixed by Death Beat/Darkwave guru Snakes of Russia just a month ago now.

Dead Register's sophomore full length, Alive, is the band's magnum opus, and one I cannot personally get enough of. In a universe where singles reign supreme, Dead Register have crafted a perfectly balanced album that works best when experienced from beginning to end. The cover art for Alive is noteworthy as it may be the very last album to ever feature the late great Stephen Kasner's (Sunn0))), ISIS, Justin Broadrick, etc) work. Upon first hearing Dead Register over 6 years ago now, it was surprising to discover there is not one traditional guitar present on any recording. Everything you hear is coming from either a Fender Bass VI (made popular between 1961-1975) or a 4 string bass and synthesizers. While we can come to assume 95% of bands in the metal and rock world operate within the ordinary box of the "guitar, bass, and drum" paradigm, this trio approach writing a bit differently which is evident in every bit of music they create.

 I cannot stress the sheer brilliance of this masterpiece enough, and I dare say, Dead Register may be the only band that can fill the void left by the infamous Brooklyn 4, Type O Negative, albeit in their own way for the next generation.

1. Alive
2. Let Me In
3. Circle of Liess
4. In Between
5. Jaded Love
6. Two Silhouettes
7. Longest Day
8. Old Flame
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