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Trying to determine just when and how Demented Are Go started is not an exact science as the band members themselves admit that their memories are not all that good, but we do know that by 1982 the band were up and running. Guitarist Dick Thomas (no relation to Ant) helped pull the whole thing together, having been in a lot of bands before Demented, he knew how to get things moving. Demented Are Go had their first release on the 1984 Nervous Records compilation album 'Hells Bent On Rockin' but it was not until about 18 months later that their album 'In Sickness And In Health' was released on ID Records. A few years on the band members could be found all living in the same squat in London with no electricity - this would have been around '87-88-ish. They started writing songs acoustically, by candle light. These songs surfaced - again on ID - as the album 'Kicked Out Of Hell'. Tours of Germany and mainland Europe followed and Demented Are Go found themselves playing at punk gigs as well psycho events. Sparky started living at various big organised squats and existing on diet of drugs and alcohol......
1. Intro 2. Brand New Corpse 3. Mongoloid 4. Gambling Queen 5. Dream Space Baby 6. Zombie Stalk 7. Queen Of Disease 8. Where You Gonna Go 9. Fairies At The Bottom Of My Garden 10. Aces High 11. Thrill Killers 12. Up From The Skies 13. Got Good Lovin’ 14. The Chase
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