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Item no. : EL076
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 04 December 2020



Their mix of post-punk and blender pop has been built for over a decade through every members’ experience with various projects across the country. At times, the music seems a juxtaposition: ballistic, suffocating, pummeling, sweetness. Hints of sugar and quiet laced with regimented madness. A joyful racket that pulses throughout their debut self-titled LP, the culmination of a fevered two-week recording session in Phoenix, Arizona. Dendrons’ momentum is the product of a distinctly DIY spirit—self-booked tours, hand-crafted flyers, and a milieu of self-produced EPs—allowing for more thorough collaborations on their full length record, being released by record label Earth Libraries (Birmingham, US). Since its conception, Dendrons has toured relentlessly throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They continue to gain buzz by word of mouth from their visceral and physically immersive live performance.
1. Dog
2. Forgiver
3. Halfway        
4. Etched        
5. Sunspots        
6. Fool        
7. Pin        
8. Matthew        
9. Void
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