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Item no. : UNCR5053CD
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Release Date : 08 September 2008



Canadian band Direction was formed in 2002. After 3 albums released independently, the band signed and released the album EST in 2008 on the Unicorn Digital Label. The music of DIRECTION is a blend of each member’s influences: Rush, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Styx, Led Zeppelin and other great music from the 70’s. Direction is not slave to its influences and delivers a true and honest progressive rock sound. The French lyrics tell a story where fiction meets reality. With this new album, DIRECTION is ready to hit the road and is preparing a series of concerts for 2008.
1. Memoire Privée
2. La Fuite
3. Capsule
4. Touriste Urbain
5. Naufragé
6. Soldat
7. Soldat (Finale)
8. Dernière Issue
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