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From Tin Pan Alley To The Yellow Brick Road is author Keith Hayward's sequel to the critically acclaimed Tin Pan Alley: The Rise of Elton John. It continues Elton John’s story from the start of his solo career and his breakthrough with "Your Song" to the end of the seventies. A Time Where Elton achieved unparalleled success, but at a price. Personal relationships and physical exhaustion of being one of the most in demand performers in the world are documents alongside the sometimes ruthless side of the music world. With contributions from many people who played a big part in Elton's success, including his manager John Reid, John Higgins, (Rocket Records archivist), David Larkham(cover designer), Stuart Epps, Steve James, Kenny Passarelli, Roger Pope (whom the author managed) and Kiki Dee. This is a journey through the music business - from the mid sixties through to the end of seventies - as seen through Elton's career. The seventies saw the power pendulum of the music business change from the publishing companies to the artists and the writers who owned their own songs. Tin Pan Alley songwriters were replaced by singer songwriters such as Elton, writing for themselves. It was a time where radio DJ’s were as big, if not bigger, than the singers and bands were whose records they were playing. Music producers were as important as the songwriters and musicians who created the music.The small family publisher who frequented the small street in London was gradually replaced by the independent record label that did everything from publishing to selling records. Then towards the end of the seventies all were swallowed up by the large corporate companies who saw music as a commodity to be traded on the stock exchange. Elton John was just one of the artists that crossed the divide from the sixties to the seventies alongside David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Sandy Denny, and John Martyn to name a few - who all followed the lead of Lennon and McCartney, and Jagger and Richards. It was, arguably one of the most exciting times in the history of the music business, and of course in Elton John’s career as well. Where change was a way of life. Complete with a comprehensive gig list that has been painstakingly researched to include gigs as far back as 1966, From Tin Pan Alley To The Yellow Brick Road is a thought provoking and engaging read that palces Elton John’s success within context of the multi-faceted sand sometimes complex world of the music business.


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