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Release Date : 10 November 2008



Marko, Thomas and the Kenttäkumpu brothers, all originating from Borås, formed the Swedish death metal band EVOCATION in the fall of 1991. In 1992 two demos were recorded. The first one was produced by Tomas Skogsberg in Sunlight Studio and resulted in a 4-track-demo limited to 500 copies titled ”The Ancient Gate”. Bass player Christian “Kricke” Saarinen, from CEMETARY reinforced the EVOCATION line-up and they recorded the second demo. At the end of 1992 EVOCATION was considered as one of the most interesting death metal acts from Sweden. Despite the fact that several major labels contacted the band, EVOCATION was put on ice in the autumn of 1993 due to musical differences. From 1993, members of EVOCATION have been involved in various projects such as CEMETARY/SUNDOWN and LAKE OF TEARS. In 2001, the band was contacted by Breath Of Night Records and in November 2004 EVOCATION returned from the dead as the two demos were released worldwide as a self titled full length on CD and LP. After having recorded a three track demo in 2006, EVOCATION was once again approached by several labels. In the beginning of 2007 a new era in the EVOCATION history was entered with the inking of a multi album deal with CYCLONE EMPIRE. The new album “Tales from the Tomb” will be released in April 2007. The Artwork for the album was made by Dan Seagrave (ENTOMBED, MORBDI ANGEL, DISMEMBER, PESTILENCE,…). A first taste of the album was already in HEAVY MAGAZINEs, METAL CRUSADE VOL. XIII. Furthermore the “Demo 2006” can be listened to on the band´s website and on their Myspace-page…so let yourself blow away by raw, pure and brutal Swedish Death Metal!
1. In the Reign of Chaos
2. Silence Sleep
3. Angel of Torment *
4. Boundead
5. Dead Calm Chaos
6. Truth Will Come Clear
7. Dust
8. Protected by What Gods
9. Antidote **
10. Tomorrow has no Sunrise
11. Astray Masquerade
12. Razored to the Bone *
*Featuring Anders Björler of At the Gates/The Haunted
** Featuring Dan Swanö of Bloodbath/Edge of Sanity
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