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Release Date : 24 June 2022



Dynamic and addictive, the lovechild of Serenity singer Georg Neuhauser and Temperance lead guitarist Marco Pastorino FALLEN SANCTUARY convinces with rousing melodic metal anthems.

It’s rare that musicians from different bands are as much on the same musical wavelength as vocalist Georg Neuhauser of Austrian symphonic metal act Serenity and Marco Pastorino, guitarist with Italian melodic metal band Temperance. With contemporary and critical lyrics about politics and economics, FALLEN SANCTUARY's debut album "Terranova" bridges the gap between social criticism and earworm character. An album that makes you want more and promises a bright future for FALLEN SANCTUARY!

1. Terranova
2. Now And Forever
3. Broken Dreams
4. Rise Against The World
5. To The Top
6. Destiny
7. I Can't Stay
8. Trail Of Destruction
9. No Rebirth
10. Bound To Our Legacy
11. Wait For Me (Bonustrack Limited)
12. Now And Forever (Instrumental Version)
13. Rise Against The World (Instrumental Version)
14. To The Top (Instrumental Version)
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