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Release Date : 08 March 2019



The band's debut album titled "Dromers", was firmly rooted in the fertile soil cultivated by Drudkh, Primordial or even Agalloch, nevertheless built its own aura. Excellent reviews at the press, whilst also garnering end of year list entries and other critical accolades along the way, hailed Fluisteraars as one of the new potent stalwarts of Dutch black metal. Blending the welcoming, epic affair of their debut with more harsh and biting effort's more reminiscent of 90s black metal, Luwte captures the band from a slightly different, yet none less qualitative angle. While the band had already shown their effective vigour with time stretching melodic and edgy grandeur, this second album is very much the more ferocious finished extension to it. An unpolished yet elaborate production with final mastering duties taken over by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY perfectly suits the dynamic, intelligent nature of the music.
Even though much has been written and recorded when it comes to extreme metal, Fluisteraars are quite extraordinary in their way of arranging and presenting music. With vast influences concerning the ambience and atmospheric aspects of their craft the Dutch trinity is not to be easily stuck in just one plain direction. The early on forged term "Windswept Black Metal" recalling imagery of rain, decay, bleakness and intoxication still to date embodies their own amalgamation of intriguing, atmospheric music.
1. De Laatste Verademing
2. Angstvrees
3. Stille Wateren
4. Alles Dat Niets Omvat
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