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Item no. : CRYPTMETAL008
Artist : GHOLD
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 17 May 2019



The anxiety inducing waves of static that announce the beginning of ‘Chaos Reigns’ give a good indication of the type of heavy experimentation present on ‘INPUT>CHAOS’, GHOLD’s fifth full length record in as many years. Rather than empty or redundant gestures at the avant-garde, the London based trio, have surgically harnessed sonic elements and compositional techniques in their latest record to create an actual, real emotional response, one that can create wonderment as much as it can distress.
Whereas the experimentation was divided into distinct tracks on their last release ‘Stoic’ (Crypt Of The Wizard), GHOLD’s follow up record has manage to now embed these experimental elements wholly and unified into their destructively beautiful sound. ‘INPUT>CHAOS’ is an album of band shedding their influences, stepping beyond genre and into something heavily their own.
1. Chaos Reigns
2. Divine
3. Blindsided & Drunk
4. Keep Fear, Forever Cold
5. of Mercia
6. Lift The Sweet Veil
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