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Release Date : 12 September 2011



Legendary Philadelphia death metal battalion GOREAPHOBIA has forces with Dark Descent Records for the release of the band's long-anticipated new full-length album, "Apocalyptic Necromancy". Due on Sept 9, the follow-up to 2009's "Mortal Repulsion" was recorded, mixed and mastered by drummer Jim Roe and features new guitarist VJS (KULT OV AZAZEL, CRIMSON MOON, DEMONCY). "Apocalyptic Necromancy" features 12 tracks of sonic decay with artwork by Lindsey Wasiuta. Goreaphobia kicks off the promotion of the new album with a date in September, 2011 at the “Gathering of the Bestial Legion V Fest” which features Autopsy, Incantation, Acheron as well as Goreaphobia. Many dates are in the planning stages for 2011 in support of “Apocalyptic Necromancy.”
1. Apocalyptic Necromancy
2. Xurroth Rreeth N'Vez Helm (City of Rot and Decay)
3. The Attractor
4. Void Of The Larva Queen
5. Shroud of The Hyena (Inall Ninuttix)
6. Footpaths In The Vortex of Doom
7. Darkstar Dementia
8. Igigi Reactor
9. Totem Of The Vulture (Sirrix Noxhuun)
10. Sigil On Death's Hand
11. White Wind Spectre
12. Rust Worms And The Noxious Fevers They Bring
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