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Item no. : NVP075LP
Artist : GRIFT
Product type : Vinyl 7" EP
Release Date : 27 April 2018


With Grift's new EP, ”Vilsna andars boning”, Erik Gärdefors present his tunes of melancholy in a more stripped-down way than ever before. Lonesome with his acoustic guitar he achieves the same feeling we’ve heard on his albums "Syner" (2015) and "Arvet" (2017). This is a record about our dreams, our heritage, and our past forgotten by many. "Vilsna andars boning" is a captivating EP that carries the mark of Swedish folk songs. Close your eyes, crank on the gramophone, and listen to the beautiful tunes of an old forgotten homeland. A few words from Erik Gärdefors about the release: This time I have chosen to record two acoustic songs. They are both related to Kinnekulle, the mountain whose nature, folklore and traditions are always present throughout Grift's expression. But mostly I want to highlight the mountain as a metaphor for something unwavering and constantly attracting – a mirage which leads to imagination and escapism. The cover of the EP is a lithography of Kinnekulle from the middle of the romantic 1800's, created by F.C. Kierschou. I hope this motif together with my music, will make you dream away for a while. As usual, I have created everything alone, but Dísa from Draugurinn contributed with blowing some horn, and I.K. from House of Inkantation helped me to shape the layout. I'm pleased to finally share these black ballads with you, and I am really looking forward to performing them live in various appropriate contexts!
1. Bortom berget
2. Dårarnas massiv
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