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Item no. : LFR117CD
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Release Date : 22 August 2011



These German guys have a good sense of humor, and - even more important - they knew how to play groovy and brutal death metal right from their start in 2006. When HACKNEYED entered the scene first, they have been a bunch of youngsters with the age of 16! Within no time the quintet turned into a well respected act being known for a fresh attitude and hard-hitting songs. "Death Prevails" (2008) and "Burn After Reaping" (2009) have been released by Nuclear Blast and were supported live with full European tours along with legends such as Morbid Angel, Nile, Kataklysm, Grave and Aborted. No question - HACKNEYED from the South of Germany proved their potential and passed all shows with flying colors.
2011 opens a new chapter in band's career....with new album, new bassist & new label! HACKNEYED are back
01. Raze The Curtain
02. Bugging For Mercy
03. Infinite Family
04. Damn (You’re Dead Again)
05. Maculate Conceptio
06. Coulrophobia
07. Circus Coccus Spirilly
08. Magic Malignancy
09. Feed The Lions
10. Cure The Obscure
11. Holy Slapstick
12. Extra Terroristical
10. Standing Necrovation
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