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Item no. : KING050CD
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Release Date : 21 April 2008



The Hellacopters 7th and final studio album appropriately titled “Head Off” will be released in April 2008. “Head Off” features a little sonic taste from every phase of The Hellacopters musical past, from the feed-backed & hum-bucked mayhem found on 1996’s Grammy winning Super Shitty To The Max! to the refined songwriting & production found on their last studio album “Rock & Roll Is Dead.”. The Hellacopters once again turned to Chips K for production duties on “Head Off” while Stefan Boman did his first full album mix for the band. But “Head Off” also marks another return. The Hellacopters have come full circle. Good-bye major label, hello indie, again.  But that’s not all. There will be one last tour to end all tours. The summer festivals are already booked as is a full on European tour. So get in line and pay your respects because these boys got a fire burnin’ in their belly. Andersson says, “I guarantee anybody talkin’ about how they saw The Hellacopters back in ’97 blah blah blah will be wrecked. Destroyed! This tour will be OFF THE HOOK!”.
1. Electrocute
2. Midnight Angels
3. I’m Watching You
4. No Salvation
5. In The Sign Of The Octopus
6. Veronica Lake
7. Another Turn
8. I Just Don’t Know About Girls
9. Rescue
10. Making Up For Lost Time
11. Throttle Bottom
12. Darling Darling
13. Straight Until Morning ** Only on the Limited edition Vinyl Disc
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