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'The Hidden Cameras' are a alternative-pop collective from Toronto around singer and guitarist Joel Gibb. They debuted in 2002 and since then have released seven albums. Being well connected in the creative and gay scene they are not afraid to spread their jolting and extravagant message on controversial topics. Inspired by the idea of youth and forbidden love the new single 'Gay Goth Scene' describes the fictional scenario of paranoid parents chastising their offspring about his newfound gay romance. Composed in a minor key with an apocalyptic ending, the serious sound and the hyper-gay and hyper-goth imagery, illustrate the parent's exaggerated fears as well as the youth's inner turmoil with "gay" and "goth" being the interchangeable signifiers of evil. 'Gay Goth Scene' is a modern revolution against bigotry shaking off all menacles society has tied around the gay hearts. 'Gay Goth Scene' is the first single of the upcoming album 'Age', the band's eigth album, which will be released on the 27th worldwide.

Videoclip "Gay Goth Scene" (more then 70.000 vievs!)

01. Skin & Leather
02. Bread for Brat
03. Doom
04. Gay Goth Scene
05. Afterparty
06. Carpe Jugular
07. Ordinary Over You
08. Year of the Spawn
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