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Release Date : 30 November 2018



Hilma Nikolaisen’s follow-up to her warmly received debut "Puzzler" (2016). "Mjusic" takes its title from a childhood punk band she started together with her brother Ivar in 1987, at the tender age of five. This time Ivar Nikolaisen (Kvelertak) appears on several of her songs, along with other siblings, and so the mjusic continues.

Hilma played in several significant underground bands during her teens and early adulthood, before she had somewhat of an indie-breakthrough as bass player in her brother Emil’s internationally acclaimed shoegaze outfit "Serena Maneesh" (4AD). Emil also appears on "Mjusic," playing drums on “Only Me” and “Light Shines”.

While Puzzler was years in the making, with songs written over a longer stretch of time, "Mjusic" was conceived in a more spontaneous way. This time Nikolaisen has acted more freely on her intuition and imagination throughout the process. The result is a sparkling album that builds upon her debut, but utterly refined and with more attitude and immediacy. From the reckless proclamation – I am on a mission! – on the reverberating album opener ”Missionary” to the beautiful balladry of ”You”, not to speak of the nine minute long, liberating, sometimes euphoric roller coaster that is ”Into The Music”, celebrating the transportive powers of m(j)usic.

Different styles and colors come together in "Mjusic," and they’re all unmistakable Hilma. This time with even catchier tunes and harmonics, vivid riffs, and inventive guitar lines. The neo-psychedelic flourishes are exactly right, and should put her on the Levitation poster come next year.

"Mjusic" is produced by Hilma Nikolaisen. It was recorded in Oslo’s Taakeheimen, Malabar, Jakob Church and Blitz. Mixed by Mattias Glavå (Dungen, Broder Daniel), Nick Terry (The Libertines), Anders Bjelland (Electric Eye), John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake) og Morten Øby (Leonov, The Lionheart Brothers).

All songs written, arranged and produced by Hilma Nikolaisen 2017/ 2018. Album mastered by Nick Terry. Cover art: Simen Skari and Hilma Nikolaisen.

1. Missionary
2. Election Day Blues
3. Only Me
4. You
5. Into the Music
6. Light Shines
7. I Do (Doomsday Jingle)
8. Merrily Merrily (Hermitage Highlights)
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