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Item no. : 10177LP
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Release Date : 12 May 2014



The Italian masters of Death Metal precision return with the monumental “Regicide”. A masterclass in brutality for fans of Immolation, Zyklon and Morbid Angel.

Death metal is more than just music. It transcends such a limited mortal state of mind. Death metal is the aural expression of humanity’s darkest side, of devastation, sorrow and the harbingers of mankind’s own inhumanity and ultimate destruction. Death metal is not a trend, a fashion parade or a means to an end. It is much more than that. It is a way of life. A life in death.
This is the doctrine Italy’s HOUR OF PENANCE, spewn forth with unrelenting musical ferocity through their sickening, mind-obliterating auditory assault on the senses. Forged in the dark shadows of “The Holy Capital,” this most unholy of quartets have steadily been making a name for themselves as one of the most intense, talented and impressive modern death metal bands both in-studio and onstage.

Scheduled for release via Prosthetic Records on May 12 in UK/EU, the band describes “Regicide” as “a bone-crushing feast for old and new fans…more varied and brutal than everything we’ve done so far.”

Since releasing 2012′s acclaimed “Sedition,” which Decibel lauded as a “hyper-blasting, inhuman, machine-like attack”, the blasphemous quartet have annihilated fans worldwide with their fiery exuberance, playing well over 200 gigs alongside acts including Behemoth, Skeletonwitch, Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, Devildriver, Psycroptic, Misery Index, Deicide, Belphegor, Nile and more. HOUR OF PENANCE tour the UK in April to coincide, cumulating in a London show at the Black Heart on May 1st.

01. Through The Triumphal Arch 
02. Reforging The Crowns 
03. Desecrated Souls 
04. Resurgence Of The Empire  
05. Spears Of Sacred Doom 
06. Sealed In Ecstasy 
07. Redeemer Of Atrocity 
08. Regicide. 
09. The Sun Worship
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