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If you’re a fan of any kind of ’70s heavy rock – Southern Boogie, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, MC5/Stooges Detroit Punk, Junk Shop Glam or straight-up Classic Rock – we are willing to bet Ian Blurton’s Future Now has something for you. If you’re the kind of person who might geek out on the vintage gear used to record that music, we’ll double down on that wager. A mainstay in the Canadian scene since the ’80s, Ian Blurton may have come along after hard rock’s heyday, but he has parlayed his love of the era’s musical sensibilities into a career as both a musician (Change of Heart, C’mon, Public Animal) and a producer (Cursed, Tricky Woo, Weakerthans, Cauldron). For the follow up to his acclaimed solo debut, 2019’s Signals Through the Flames, he is pulling out all the stops, sourcing the best of the best for all elements. Formed to tour Signals, Future Now features some of the top talents heard on that record: drummer Glenn Milchem (Blue Rodeo) and bassist Anna Ruddick (City and Colour). To complement the powerhouse rhythm section, and recreate live the Wishbone Ash/Judas Priest–inspired harmonies that define the album, Aaron Goldstein is drafted for second guitar. In tandem with planning the Signals dates, Blurton was accepted as an Artist in Residence at Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre, in Calgary. The residency presented an opportunity to pack up the band – hot from a string of live shows – and head west to track a follow up album with the country’s most enviable collection of musical equipment. Second Skin was recorded using the famed Rolling Stones Mobile studio that Mick, Keef, and Co. used to make Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main Street. The unit was also loaned out for Led Zeppelin III and IV, and Deep Purple’s Machine Head, before eventually landing at the NMC. Combining the RSM with the institution’s selection of rare guitars formerly owned by Randy Bachman, amps from Neil Young, and an array of vintage gear borrowed from Calgary friends, Future Now had the ingredients for a dream session. Throw in an early ‘80s Mellotron, and the band had all it needed to cook up a crushing collection of sludgy riff-driven rockers and Prog epics, all with clean vocals, thunderous bass/double-kick, and the kind of guitar solos you wish you could play.
1. Like A Ghost
2. Second Skin
3. The Power of No
4. When the Storm Comes Home
5. Orchestrated Illusions
6. Denim on Denim
7. Beyond Beholds the Moon
8. Too High the Sky
9. Trails to the Gate (Second Skin Reprise)
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