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Item no. : PSYCH011LP
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Release Date : 02 May 2011



"In Concert!" is the new mini album from Imperial State Electric. Recorded in the studio! It consists of six songs culled from the set of our recent crusade throughout Europe. Although I regard my own compositions highly, the importance of our rock & roll heritage cannot be stressed enough. From Chuck Berry to The Runaways, these songs rapidly became a big part of the Imperial live show. Now you can hear them at home - fresh from the studio! Sacrilege or homage? You decide. I think "In Concert!" kicks ass. - Nicke Andersson
1. Leave My Kitten Alone
2. Is It Day Or Night
3. You Can´t Do That?
4. I Don´t Know What I Want
5. Rock And Roll Boogie
6. Sweet Little Sixteen
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