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Item no. : PSYCH018
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Release Date : 06 January 2014


IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC is entering phase 3 in its ongoing battle against mediocrity. An endless quest to make the rock roll. Armed with a new album called "Reptile Brain Music", due for release on 29. November. After assembling the Imperial Army in 2010, Nicke Andersson (The Hellacopters, The Solution, Entombed etc.) has placed great emphasis on Imperial State Electric being a group, a band or a gang if you will. By no means a one man operation. Removing any doubt is the fact that bass player Dolf de Borst (The Datsuns) is handling the lead vocal duties on the single "Reptile Brain". When asked if Dolf is the best singer in the band, guitarist Tobias Egge says "He is a great man, and everybody loves him. He's an artiste." Why "Reptile Brain Music"? Dold de Borst: "We want people to bypass some of their pseudo intellectual abilities when it comes to music and art" But no worries, multi-talented Nicke Andersson is still the lead singer in the band! And as one Swedish reviewer noted after one of ISE's festival appearances this summer: "No other band in this country has more skilled musicians. All four of them can sing and handle not only their own but also the instruments of other members with surgical precision and an unmistakable sense of unearthly groove" Since Forming The Hellacopters together with Dregen in the mid-’90s, Nicke and Dregen (Backyard Babies) have played increasingly important roles in the international rock scene. This coming December, the pair will be hitting the roads of Europe under the same banner – Nicke with Imperial State Electric, and Dregen as a freshly-launched solo artist. Both have made it clear that when it comes to shape-throwing, surprises and spontaneous moments, this mouth-watering double-header is duty-bound to deliver… Turn on your Reptile Brain and get with it!
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