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Item no. : CZAR081
Artist : INEZ
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 21 June 2019



A deep-sounding, swirling guitar starts to play, drums and bass are setting a smooth rhythmic basis and one can literally feel the hot sun burning the skin and the air vibrating above the desert. The bright sound of a mandoline joins in and a woman’s voice is singing "Verano". And suddenly you’re right there. Right in the middle of the Arizona desert, where the sheer power of the Swiss mountains meets endless wide landscapes of hot earth, here INEZ aka Ines Brodbeck found the sound for her first solo album. For many years now the professional percussionist, singer and guitarist has been working and touring the Swiss music scene. For her debut, which was written, recorded and produced by Gabriel Sullivan (XIXA, Giant Sand) in Tucson Arizona, the multiinstrumentalist sincerely did "go the extra mile". The results of what she found on her journey are impressive and beautiful to the ears. The album’s title "NOW" fits perfectly, as in the course of the ten songs it describes precisely this special moment. The first song in the album, at the same time the résumé, will make you take-off and arrive at the essence of becoming one with your own creativity. INEZ introduces a cinematic, melancholic and psycheledic americana folk with latin vibes that is very much in the present and absolutely timeless at the same time: "NOW"!
2.In A Minute
4.Man From War
6.Guajiro Negro
8.Rising Sun
9.Nothing To Do With You
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