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Release Date : 31 July 2015



Mark Springer is a pianist and composer who has been playing professionally and performing since his teens when he formed the groundbreaking Rip Rig + Panic, a band that included former members of The Pop Group and lead singer Neneh Cherry. When they split after three years together The Times commented that “their too-brief career will not have been in vain if it has served at least to launch the pianist Mark Springer.”    
Releasing several solo albums for Virgin prior to setting up the Exit label as a vehicle for his releases, Mark has spent his career developing a distinctive sound world combining his skill and virtuosity at the piano with an impetus for creating a painterly sound/landscape. His own paintings adorn the majority of Exit releases.
"The Rip Rig + Panic Piano Solos" is a CD set comprising mostly unreleased recordings made by Mark during the years that RR+P were active. It is released simultaneously with another new CD entitled "The Watching Bird", also on the Exit label.
1. Viva X Dreams / Piano Solo [Variation I]
2. Blink Then Look
3. 1619 a Dutch vessel docks in the USA with 20 humans for sale
4. 1619 a Dutch vessel docks in the USA with 20 humans for sale [Part Two]
5. Restless Energy
6. She gets so hungry at night she eats her jewellery
7. Kyoto & Nara
8. Nico  
9. Viva X Dreams / Piano Solo [Variation II]
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