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Item no. : INDIE046CD
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Release Date : 13 June 2011



“Reclaim” is Keep of Kalessin' first EP, originally released in 2003 as a mini CD. “Reclaim” had an impressive lineup featuring Frost from Sayricon on drums, and to the legendary Attila Csihar on vocals who is well known for his performance on Mayhem´s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. The three piece line-up recorded the EP which put the band into the Elite black metal scene of Norway, but due to the distance between Frost, Attila and Obsidian C., this line-up was short-lived.

This EP have been sold out for several years and has also been a much sought after CD for all Keep Of Kalessin fans out there. Now it is finally available again. This time with a brand new cover art and live recordings of “Come Damnation” and “Reclaim” recorded at Blaest in Trondheim in 2004. A “must-have” for the true Keep Of Kalessin Fan.

1. Traveller

2. Ix

3. Come Damnation

4. Obliterator

5. Reclaim

6. Come Damnation (Live in Trondheim 2004)

7. Reclaim (Live in Trondheim 2004)

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