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Item no. : JHA002
Artist : KHONSU
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 18 November 2016



KHONSU is an extreme metal band from Bergen, Norway that features guest appearances by members of KEEP OF KALESSIN and MANES. The music has a dark futuristic twist with a sinister blend of metal and electronic elements. In 2012 KHONSU signed with French label Season of Mist - sharing the roster with bands like MAYHEM and ROTTING CHRIST - and released their debut album “Anomalia”, which had Thebon from KEEP OF KALESSIN on vocals, later that year. It received great reviews and was praised for its high level of creativity, originality, and musicianship. Two years after their debut KHONSU self-released an EP entitled “Traveller". Today KHONSU consists of two main members: The masked and mysterious mastermind and multi-instrumentalist S. Gronbech - brother of Arnt “Obsidian C.” Gronbech from KEEP OF KALESSIN - and vocalist T’ol from Norwegian Death metal acts CHTON and KILLING FOR COMPANY. Before creating his own dark and twisted world with KHONSU, S. Gronbech had contributed on the highly acclaimed KEEP OF KALESSIN EP “Reclaim” back in 2003, which had Atilla Csihar from MAYHEM on vocals.
1. Desolation City (prologue)
2. A Jhator Ascension
3. The Observatory
4. Liberator
5. Death of the Timekeeper 
6. The Tragedy of the Awakened One
7. Visions of Nehaya
8. A Dream of Earth
9. Toward the Devouring Light
10. The Unremembered (epilogue)
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