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Release Date : 22 December 2017



In the world of KUOLEMAN GALLERIA there is no place for faith and hope arises briefly when you are scratching the last wet match desperately with your numb hands on a matchbox cover only to feel warm for a second.
KUOLEMAN GALLERIA creates their music unconditionally and do not bow to any direction. It could be labeled as kind of black'n'roll that takes form in groovy songs not forgetting the madness lurking on the back.

KUOLEMAN GALLERIA was born in 2012 as a one man project. The debut album KÄRSIMYS KUNNIAAN was released early 2016 and it gained good reviews.
Immediately after the album release KUOLEMAN GALLERIA started working with their second album. The album carries a title PIMEYS SAAPUU POHJOISEEN and it will crystallize the idea of being a Finn living in the dark and cold north. This new album has more musical nuances than the first album and it will bring the dark core of KUOLEMAN GALLERIA into everyone’s mind. The album will be released 8th of December 2017 by Inverse Records and it will be distributed worldwide.


01. Pimeys Saapuu Pohjoiseen
02. Hännystelijät Helvettiin
03. Täsmäisku
04. Materian Omistama
05. Ajan Hammas
06. Piru On Irti
07. Sadattaja
08. Nuorallatanssija
09. Vahtikoira
10. Kurjuuden Kierteessä
11. Antava Osapuoli
12. Vainajan Virsi
13. Jalopuinen Makuupaikka
14. Mieleen Haudattu
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