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Item no. : DSRT009
Artist : L'UOMO NERO
Product type : Vinyl 10"
Release Date : 12 February 2021



New EP ‘Andiamo Nel Deserto’ (Let’s Go to the Desert) from desert blues rockers L'UOMO
NERO will mark the launch of a concept of three EPs built on a crepuscular and complex police investigation, which artworks will reveal some missing clues. Paranormal phenomenons, a fantastic background and magical situations sprinkle the four tracks of the ‘Andiamo Nel Deserto’ EP, a blues rock gem that genuinely fits in the US Desert Scene's tradition.

L'UOMO NERO is a desert rhythm and blues rock three-piece hailing from the New Mexican High Desert.
Are they helpless victims of unimaginable forces that can drive humans mad by their mere manifestation?
Or fearless Investigators and Occult Detectives who confronts the minions of darkness in encounters, in
which humans, although appear outmatched, defend their sanity uncovering the mysteries of tranquility in defiance of the suffering we experience from the things we cannot manage or restrain.

Occult blues rockers L'UOMO NERO play with their band name to build an intriguing sonic trilogy made of  EPs: ‘Andiamo Nel Deserto’, 'Del la Mer Elle' and 'Voda Atebo Ohen'. The records follow the adventures of occult Detective Nico L’oscuro and his supernatural and magical practices to uncover the mystery behind the “disappearance” of a woman in New Mexico... Created on a fantastic thriller basis and inspired by American author H.P. Lovecraft, the three EPs take the protagonist through the stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

All three records together form the framework of a gloomy detective investigation illustrated by a special artwork that reveals some missing clues. The entire trilogy will be issued between fall 2020 and spring 2021, with first EP ‘Andiamo Nel Deserto’ coming out in fall 2020 on Desert Records.

Side A
1. Andiamo
2. Afterman
Side B
3. Nel Deserto
4. Walk Away
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