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Release Date : 24 November 2008



The Italian progressive metal band Last Warning was born in 1987. At the end of 1992 the band recorded “Bloody Dream”, its first demo-tape. In 1994 the band recorded a second demo-tape which was distributed to magazines and record companies. Among several proposals Last Warning signed a contract with the German label W.M.M.S. for the realization of their debut album. In fact, in the same year the album “From The Floor Of The Well” was recorded at the Roxanne Studio in Stuttgard. In May 2000 a further album entitled “Under A Spell” came out for the already known Underground Symphony. In this new work, the band experienced the mixture between metal and lyrical music with the help of the soprano Isabella Comand who appeared in two songs. In the summer of 2002 Last Warning began to work on their third album which joins the musical production of the latest years with two line up changes, Fabio Del Sol on vocals and Ivan Moni Bidin on drums. This long voyage sees the light with the deal with MY KINGDOM MUSIC which presents after 6 long years of hard work a great masterpiece of Progressive Metal; its title is “Throughout Time” ...begin to dream.
1. Madness 2. Secret 3. It Slowly Dries My Tears 4. Bloody Dream 5. Throughout Time 6. For A Lifetime 7. Only Silence 8. Higher 9. In The Flood 10. Cry Out
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