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Item no. : GAOM054LP
Artist : LESOIR
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 08 December 2017



Many bands create beautiful pictures: wonderful colors, elaborate motives and impressive shades of emotion, all in an inspired framework. However, that step is merely the beginning for Lesoir, because on their new album they aim for the bigger picture. Many pieces of art are limited by measurements, norms and formats – that is not the case with Latitude. For instance, Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is certainly impressive as she is, so how spectacular must it have been to really get to experience that mysterious woman? That is a good way to describe the relation between Latitude and common art rock albums. Compared to previous albums, this time Lesoir have put much more focus on a progressive artistic direction that prioritizes melody over blunt rage. More than ever there is a clear, both experimental as well as ambitious, balance between lyrics, melody, groove and explosive dynamics. For instance, during the mixing process for Latitude there was the imperative intention of giving the music space to breathe. In that context, having a wizard like John Cornfield behind the soundboard certainly came in more than handy. Among other multiple other achievements, Cornfield is the man responsible for Muse’s legendary sound on the Absolution album.
01) Modern Goddess
02) In The Game
03) Icon
04) In Their Eyes
05) Gone And Forgotten
06) Eden's Garden
07) Zeroes And Ones
08) Kissed By Sunlight
09) Cheap Trade
10) Comforting Rain
11) Latitude
12) Faith is
13) Cradle Song
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