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Item no. : HRR726LP
Product type : Vinyl EP
Release Date : 17 April 2020



Lethal Steel are a heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 2011 who released their debut album, ‘Legion Of The Night’ in 2016. The ensuing few years saw several line-up changes, eventually stabilising in 2019. The band are set to release the E.P. ‘Running From The Dawn’ in 2020.

Featuring the bands trademark fast riffs and pounding drums, the new E.P. composes four songs, including one sung in their native Swedish language. Kicking off the E.P. ‘Weekday Refugee’ is all mellow and soulful as it begins, proceeding to become a fast paced and fist thumping gallop of out and out heavy metal. A head bang able start, Lethal Steel are back, intent on proving they’re just as fast and furious as they always have been.

Powering on with the even faster paced ‘Stay Away’, the E.P. adopts a classic “foot on the monitor” feel – the sound of traditional heavy metal filling the air. Air that is filled with clenched fists held high. ‘Ge Allt’ – Swedish for give all or give everything, depending on which internet free translation service you use – is sung in the bands native tongue, and is also the shortest song on offer. ‘Ge Allt’ is heavy on the punk infused heavy metal style, that legends Motorhead were so adept at. Fast and furious, ‘Ge Allt’ flies by in a flash.

Rounding off the E.P. is ‘City Of Sin’, the most melodic of the four songs on offer, and also the only song that has strong hints of the classic NWOBHM sound. Will there be a new full length album from the band? Only time will tell… But for now, we will just have to make do with this four song fury.

Overall, a short but fast and furious blast of traditional heavy metal, that will bang heads from start to finish.

1. Weekday Refugee
2. Stay Away
3. Ge Allt
4. City of Sin
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