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Little Bob Story was a French rock band with strong rhythm 'n' blues influences.  The band was fronted and formed by Italian born Roberto Piazza in Le Havre in 1974.  Their first album Off The Rails was released on Chiswick records in the UK in 1977, and the band successfully rode the pub rock wave along with the likes of Dr. Feelgood and Graham Parker And The Rumour.  4 albums on 2 CDs.

Live (in London)
1. Hometown Crowd
2. Ten Kids Down
3. Seaside Bar Song
4. Nobody’s Born to Lose
5. You’ve Missed Too Much
6. I Can Only Give You Everything
7. You Make Me Crazy
8. Stay Mama
9. Riot In Toulouse
Come See Me
10. For Nothing
11. Off The Rails
12. Hometown Crowd
13. Nobody’s Born to Lose
14. Italian Nights
15. Come See Me
16. Seaside Bar Song
17. Try
18. Action
19. In Love With Peggy Sue
20. You’ve Missed Too Much

CD 2
Light Of My Town
1. Switchblade Julie
2. Golden Jail
3. Rockin’ Down My Street
4. Women On My Side
5. Steely Blue Morning
6. Bus Stop
7. The Game (We Are Playing Here)
8. Go Boy
9. Song For The Blind
10. Light Of My Town

Vacant Heart
11. She’s Mine
12. Get Out Of My Way
13. (Then) Remember
14. Play With Fire
15. Little Girl Lost
16. Ten Million People In Paris
17. Moving Slowly In The Dark
18. Mad Dog
19. Poppa Found The Rock ‘n’ Roll
20. Just Friends

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