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Release Date : 03 March 2017



Famed hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are a duo making noise in the hip-hop world. Macklemore, known for the hits "Thrift Shop" and "Can't Hold Us" met teenage DJ and producer Ryan Lewis in 2010 and released a very well received EP. Rather than go the traditional record label route, the duo opted instead to work on their full-length debut independently, relying on their own business savvy, hard work, word of mouth and online buzz. They released the album ‘The Heist’ in October 2012, which won a Grammy and is now considered a classic. Here is a collection of unreleased tracks that fans will adore.
1. Beginning
2. My Body
3. B Boy
4. Inhale Deep
5. Bush Song
6. Crew Cuts Remix
7. We Danced
8. Ego
9. Contradictions
10. Hey
11. Magic
12. Stay
13. Empire
14. Neon Cathedral
15. The Othaside
16. End
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