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Release Date : 14 October 2022



Michiel Van Der Kuy, half of the Laser Dance duo, is the creator of the space synth sound adored by a huge crowd of fans. He is a man whose music has brought up many generations and the author of countless hits and unique sound on a global scale. In addition to instrumental and vocoder production, Michiel has also produced a number of vocal tunes with his Laser Dance partner Erik Van Vliet for Hotsound Records and alone for his own label Made Up Records.
1. Claudia T. - Fatal Destination (Dance Version) 6:04 2. Rygar - Star Tracks (Dance Version) 6:01 3. Sisley Ferré - For You (Original Version) 6:24 4. Sheila Stewart - It’s You (Normal Version) 6:24 5. Primero - Que Me Pasa (Extended) 6:10 6. Gina - What’s Wrong (Dance Version) 5:34 7. Attack - Can’t Stop (Original Vocal Version) 7:28 8. Eye To Eye - THE DEEP (Original Version) 5:15 9. Diana Lewis - 3 Times Alright (3 Times A Night Mix) 6:03 10. Jane Simmons - Call Me (Original Version) 6:19 BONUS TRACKS: 11. Claudia T. - Fatal Destination (Vocoder Version) 5:45 12. Primero - Que Me Pasa (Instrumental) 5:06
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