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One knows Monica Richards' music not just from her unmistakeable style but from the heart she puts in her work. Her new album, Naiades (named after mythological Greek sea nymphs), is a melt-in-your-ear masterpiece, a perfect mix of strength and vulnerability in both sound and vision. Monica says, "The focus of Naiades is really about water… I feel I have undergone a Sea Change, though I'm the same on the surface, I've changed profoundly from within. Thus I focused on its power, its delicacy, its long-lasting permanence, its strength, its depth - and the artworks also based on water creatures."
1. Naiades 2. Pride 3. EndBegin 4. Armistice 5. Alaric 6. Scylla & Charybdis 7. The Mighty 8. Nereides 9. Lureinlay 10. The Strange Familiar 11. Tail Of Two 12. We Go On
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